Different Types Of Leggings And Ways To Wear Them For Looking Stylish

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Leggings have become a must-have fashion wear these days and most of the women are having a great collection of leggings in their wardrobe. The reason is, this fashion wear goes very well with different kinds of clothing in various ways. Also, this is very comfortable, easy to wear and carry. Regardless of any season, you can wear it to bring a fantastic look.

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Now, these leggings are not only of one type rather various types, colors and sizes are available and each of them should be worn with the right pieces of clothing to look stylish and beautiful. For example, taupe leggings are the color that complements your dress perfectly. Also, ensure to have the leggings tight enough to look smart. However, some leggings type and ways to wear them are mentioned here

  • Cargo leggings are the type of leggings that are having all those functionalities of a cargo pant. These leggings are equipped with left and right pockets which are fully functional. This kind of leggings is very appealing and brings a perfect sexy look. It can be worn in any occasion. Whether it is a casual get together, dinner party, lunch or night out, this kind of leggings are just perfect for every occasion. It will look best with short dresses.


  • Bandage leggings are another type that is very comfortable, stretchable and looks fun. This is a kind of leggings that look very much like the bandage where some parts of the leggings are transparent and other parts are thicker. You can team them up with slight long top and look stylish.

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  • Wet leggings look glossy and wet. A relaxed, loose-fitting top is just perfect for this kind of leggings. Mainly the tops made from viscose or cotton that have drapes are the perfect pairing with the wet look leggings

Wet leggings waibobearleggings

Apart from the above, leggings have many other forms if the length is considered. It is available in various lengths and these are explained here.

Ankle length leggings:
Ankle length leggings have the ankle length. This is the most popular type and goes with all kind of dresses because of their versatility. These leggings are best to wear in the winter season due to the full coverage and warmness. Ankle length leggings are best paired with tunics, short dresses, tea, tank and shirt dresses.

Mid-calf length leggings:
This type of legging is a little bigger than the knee length. But women with little more height look good in this type. This brings a casual, sexy and chic look.

Stirrups leggings:
These types of legging have more than ankle length and it has straps that go under the feet as well.

Footed leggings:
This is very similar to that of the tights, so you can wear them in the winter season with any kind of dresses.

Also, many more other types of leggings are available in the market. Consider your height, body shape, the dress with which it will be worn and pick up the right piece for you.

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